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Marki is a town with a population of over 20,000 located in the Masovian voivodeship ("Masovia province") about 10 kilometres from the centre of Warsaw, by the national road Warsaw - Białystok. An efficient connection route with Warsaw is provided both by the national road Warsaw-Białystok and Aleja Armii Krajowej connecting Marki with the Warsaw districts of Wola, Ochota and Mokotów.

History of Marki

Marki, situated in the immediate vicinity of the capital of Poland – Warsaw, by the route running towards Białystok just several years ago was one of the most modern textile industry centres in the region. The beginning of the today’s town dates back to the end of 16th century, then, probably in around 1580 the village of Marki was established.

The village was named after the name of its first settlers – the family of Marki or Manki. In 1827 the village was inhabited by 414 people who lived in 70 houses. In the second half of the 19th century handicraft developed in Marki.

The last twenty years of the 19th century brought a rapid development of Marki – a large-scale industry entered the town. The decision to take over the grounds in Marki by “Briggs&Posselt” company was strictly connected with the location that provided convenient transport conditions. The factory of Marki as the first plant in the Kingdom of Poland (then, within the Russian Empire) started the production of worsted wool made of raw materials imported from Australia, Argentina and southern Russia.

At the end of 19th century Marki had a population of 10,000 and it was one of the largest industrial centres in the Kingdom of Poland. The First World War stopped the process of economic development and caused considerable destruction of machines. The plant was rebuilt but cutting it out from the absorptive eastern market forced to reduce the factory output. Unfortunately, during World War II the plant was completely destroyed. Only the chimney and turbine boiler house complex have survived, which are now valuable items of industrial architecture.

Recent years show a new stage of town’s development, which gradually from a small, suburban factory settlement has started transforming into – from one hand – an industrial centre, having more and more plants within its borders, on the other hand, into a rapidly developing residential zone located near Warsaw.


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